Government position remains unchanged - Public Sector Update #20

7 February 2020

This week we recommenced negotiations regarding your Enterprise Agreement following advice from SA Government representatives that they now had clear directions. However, at our preliminary meeting held on 6 February 2020, your Government negotiators stated that their position remains unchanged since members overwhelmingly rejected their offer last year.

At this time, they have restated their commitment to pursuing their three claims of:

  • Reduction of night shift from 10 to 9.5 hours; and
  • Capping of staffing levels; and
  • Removal of ‘no forced redundancies’ provisions.

They also indicated that any wages offer would be contingent on your acceptance of these measures.

At the meeting ANMF representatives reiterated members’ rejection of proposals to cut the duration of night shift and reaffirmed your claims regarding staffing levels and job security.  

We have also made clear that the Government’s position is not consistent with a proper recognition of the efficiency gains made and planned to the health system which are, at least in part to changes made, and in many cases, led by nurses and midwives.

ANMF has sought a refreshed position by Government representatives across all matters which have been the subject of negotiations to date. The previous offer (October 2019), although still the only formal position received, does not appear to fully reflect their bargaining position during the negotiations.

Further meetings will take place after the Government has provided that updated position.  This will allow members to consider the direction of the bargaining campaign with an accurate and contemporary position of the employer before them.

From this month we will be re-engaging with members commencing with major worksites about the direction of the campaign and EB negotiations.

Thanks to all of you that have responded to the recent survey and made their commitment to be actively involved in the campaign. Your input is invaluable in deciding future action and we will be discussing the information from the survey with you in the upcoming visits to your sites.

In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the community gallery at where you can share your concerns about the continuing position of your employer.

We will continue to keep you updated as the negotiations progress.