SA Health rejects claims aimed at improving on-call, recall conditions 

11 September 2019

PS Enterprise Agreement Bargaining Update #8 

On 10 September 2019, your employer provided a response to your claim about on-call and recall. As you might remember, we are seeking the following: 

  1. The finalisation of the rollout of the Fatigue Risk Management System across all Local Health Networks (LHNs).
  2. Improved conditions for working on-call and recall, including:
    1. The inclusion of agreed principles for the rostering of on-call and recall duty; 
    2. An increase to the amount of the on-call allowance, including an hourly payment on weekends, public holidays and rostered days off;
    3. A 10-hour break, without loss of pay, after working a period of recall duty;  
    4. A Paid rostered day off after working excessive recall; 
    5. Ensuring time off duty does not include any period of on-call;
    6. A paid meal break after 4 hours.
  3. Agreement to develop a consistent rostering principles framework.

We understand the Fatigue Risk Management System has now been implemented across the LHNs and we would encourage you to read these important resources. The resources are set out in a number of different modules. If you are concerned about fatigue due to working excessive hours, refer to SA Health Prevention of Fatigue Resources 2, 3 and 6. 

Disappointingly, your employer has largely rejected all claims in relation to improved conditions for working on-call and recall. They are currently considering our proposal for the inclusion of agreed principles, meal breaks and ensuring that time off duty does not include any period of on-call. They also indicated they will review any wards or units where staff are required to work unreasonable amounts of on-call and recall duty to determine whether an alternative rostering arrangement might alleviate the issue. The ANMF (SA Branch) intends to ensure this review takes place. 

All other claims have been rejected. This includes the provision of any break after a period of recall, even if this means that staff have to work through the night and attend work the following day for a morning shift. We believe this is inconsistent with their obligations under work health safety laws and indeed their newly implemented Fatigue Risk Management System and we will continue to press for improvements. 

We have agreed in principle to a review of the current rostering principles that are in place, with a view to consolidating these documents to ensure there is a consistent framework that can be applied across the LHNs. 

Finally, thank you to all members who have already provided us feedback on the proposed wages claim. We encourage any other members to share your feedback to the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer on 8334 1900 by no later than Friday 13 September.