Public Sector Enterprise Bargaining: Update #4

8 August 2019

The ANMF (SA Branch) held a further meeting with State Government/SA Health representatives on Tuesday 6 August 2019.

At the meeting the ANMF, on behalf of members, firmly rejected any change to the duration of the night shift. Member feedback reinforced that the proposal would adversely impact on the current important activities that take place during your double shift time (notably professional development and handover) and that night shift workers would be financially disadvantaged. Further, it is clear that the reduction in the break between the late and early shift would increase the risk of fatigue and was therefore unacceptable.

We await the Government’s formal response to our rejection of this proposal.

Disappointingly, the Government has still not provided any response to our claim to adopt a 10 Point Plan to address workplace violence. We have demanded an urgent response and stated that we will not accept any further delays that will compromise member safety.

However, on some good news, we appear to be closer to agreement on the ANMF’s proposed shift allocation staffing model, with a working group to be established to consider the proposal in more detail.

At this meeting, we also received data from SA Health that will enable us to analyse changes in activity in Country Hospitals that will guide our broader review of country staffing. The country staffing claims will be discussed in detail at a future meeting, once we have finalised our review of the data.

During the next meeting, the parties will discuss the fatigue management claims, including your claims to improve the oncall / recall provisions in the Enterprise Agreement. The ANMF remain committed to addressing this important issue during these negotiations to strengthen your right to reasonable and safe breaks and time off duty.