‘Double Shift Time Not Being Used Well’: EB Update #5

15 August 2019

Over the last month, we have been inundated with your feedback about the State Government/SA Health proposal to reduce the length of the night shift. ANMF (SA Branch) members have spoken clearly and unambiguously to reject this proposal.

At our EB negotiation meeting this week (13 August), the ANMF (SA Branch) once again presented your rejection of the proposed change to employer representatives, focusing on the detrimental impact of the reduction in ‘double shift’ time on existing activities that are performed during this time. It was pleasing to hear about the many great initiatives that members have introduced in order to use this time for the benefit of patients and their families. Along with information about these initiatives, the ANMF (SA Branch) presented a long list of clinical activities members are performing during this time and explained how members rely on ‘double shift’ time complete this work.

However, we were disappointed to be advised by your employer representatives that it is management’s view (including it is claimed, the view of your Executive Directors of Nursing) that this double shift time is not being used well by all work areas and that there is capacity to reduce this time without impacting on the current activities being undertaken.

The ANMF (SA Branch) does not believe, on the face of the evidence received by members, that there is any ‘slack in the system’ and that a reduction of 30 minutes work time will adversely impact on the professional development, handover and clinical work that is currently performed.

We therefore made it clear to your employer that we, on behalf of members, reject this proposal.

At our next meeting on 20 August 2019, we will be discussing activity levels in regional hospitals and reviewing staffing arrangements in related aged care facilities.