Save SA Services

The Marshall government promised they wouldn't be pursuing a privatisation agenda when they won office. However, their actions tell a very different story. 

The government has privatised the Remand Centre and trams and train services, government building maintenance, medical administration, and is closing and attempting to sell state assets like service centres and TAFE colleges.  Plans to privatise SA Pathology have been beaten back in the face of the COVID pandemic. 

ANMF (SA Branch) is joining South Australian Unions and Public Service Association of SA to launch a campaign that protects South Australian services and reverse announced privatisations. 

ANMF (SA Branch) Director of Operations and Strategy, Rob Bonner, makes some key points around the harms of privatised aged care and the value of unionised and public aged care facilities below.

Video statement coodinated by PSI (Publice Services International).

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