Aged Care Reform

Aged care is in crisis

This election, every federal politician must make aged care an election priority and deliver a system that respects staff and residents and keeps them safe.

It’s time to support the federal politicians that support aged care reform.


  1. RN24/7 – at least one registered nurse on site at all times (FAQ + Fact Sheet)
  2. Mandated staffing ratios and the right skills mix
  3. Greater transparency of funding tied to care
  4. Improved wages and conditions.

Help support our campaign

Add your voice to the growing movement of supporters who, like you, understand that to give our elderly the care they need, laws are urgently needed to address the chronic under-staffing in aged care facilities. 

Aged care has suffered from chronic and widespread understaffing over many years and a lack of transparency in how funding has been spent.

Every politician must commit to implement the recommendations from the Aged Care Royal Commission, support understaffed nurses and care workers and stop unnecessary suffering of residents.

Stand with aged care nurses, residents and their families to demand your federal politician make aged care a priority this federal election.

Who's pledged to support aged care ratios?

See if your local federal member has pledged to support ratios in aged care

Marginal Seat of Boothby

Three of the seat’s candidates have already signed the ANMF (SA Branch) Fix Aged Care pledge: the ALP’s Louise Miller-Frost, Independent Jo Dyer and the Greens’ Jeremy Carter.

The Liberal Party’s Dr Rachel Swift, however, continued to decline our repeated requests to sign the four-point pledge. Not one Liberal Party member has agreed to sign up to Fix Aged Care.

The Greens and independents have all come on board our campaign and recognised the need to overhaul a drastically understaffed and under-resourced aged care sector.


NEW staffing calculator

The ANMF (SA Branch) have released a Residential Aged Care Staffing Calculator© which provides the opportunity for you to analyse your current staffing and skills mix and compare it against what should be in place to meet the assessed resident care and service needs; thereby delivering quality aged care.

Click here to calculate how your aged care facility staffing hours compare to what the government is proposing

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